• Staying informed about our Community

    In an ongoing effort to keep Sausalito citizens and businesses safe, please review the following information and be prepared for disasters of all types.

  • Sausalito is a great place to stay! Sausalito is a great place to stay!

    We are pleased to present an informational packet for visitors to Southern Marin. It includes tips on signing up for alerts, how to find local evacuation routes and Community Refuge Areas, as well as what to do on "Red Flag Days,". This is a wonderful resource for businesses and residents who have frequent visitors. Download the Guide.

  • Nixle.com

    In an attempt to keep the citizens and business community of Sausalito as informed as possible regarding law enforcement activities as well as natural disasters and other emergencies, the Sausalito Police Department and the Disaster Preparedness-Emergency Operations Program has entered an agreement with Nixle.com. Nixle is a service that will allow individuals to receive trusted, up-to-date information regarding the City of Sausalito.


    Alert Marin Emergency Notification System

    If you live, work or go to school in Marin County and are 18 and over, you may now register your cell phone or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone to receive emergency alerts sent by call, text, email, or smartphone application from the County of Marin. This includes information about:

    • flooding, wildfires, and subsequent evacuations;
    • public safety incidents including crimes that affect your neighborhood;
    • and post-disaster information about shelters, transportation, or supplies.


    Emergency Preparedness 

    In the event of a disaster, you may be on your own for 5-7 days. 

    Download the Southern Marin Fire Protection District Supply kit list


    Zone Haven

    Evacuations, shelter in place, and other emergency orders may be necessary to protect residents during wildfire, flooding, and other emergencies.

    As part of our evacuation plan, the entire county has been divided into individual evacuation zones. Pre-established evacuation zones help first responders and emergency service agencies prepare before an emergency strikes and helps streamline the evacuation process to reduce confusion and help residents evacuate quickly.

    The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority, Marin County fire agencies, law enforcement agencies, and the county Office of Emergency Services, are improving how evacuation, shelter in place and other emergency orders are issued.  Marin County is using a technology called Zonehaven, which is used by several counties in the Bay Area including neighboring Sonoma, Napa, Lake, San Mateo, Alameda, and Santa Clara counties.


  • Preparedness Resources Preparedness Resources

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