• 2024–2025 Visitor Map Ads and Listing on sale 2024–2025 Visitor Map Ads and Listing on sale

    The “what to do” guide for Visitors! Your business is listed in Visitor Map directory and numbered location on map displays in multiple locations in Sausalito including the Visitor Kiosk and Visitor Center.

    • Maps available for visitors coming off the ferry and bike parking areas.
    • Multiple platform exposure — Map is distributed to Bay Area concierges, local business, visitor centers, cruise ships, tour buses, on ferry brochure rack, Chamber website and Visit Sausalito website exposure, Sausalito Chamber and Visit Sausalito Instagram and Facebook pages, bike companies and more. Available online 24/7.
    • Affordable advertising that adds value to the visitor experience.
    • Ads to be placed on the Visitor Center Digital Display
    • Proven ROI. Over 25,000 hits per month.

    More information and order form>>

  • A heartfelt thank you to the following businesses for participating in this incredible opportunity. Your involvement showcases the vibrant and diverse community that makes Sausalito so unique. Thank you to our ad sponsors: Hook House, Katya Glass Jewelry, Poggio Trattoria, Soxalito, The Spinnaker, Sushi Ran, Sea Trek Kayak & SUP, The Tour Store
    The Chamber is eager to provide even more advertising opportunities for our members. If you're interested in participating in future features or other promotional activities, we want to hear from you! Please reach out to us at chamber@sausalito.org.


  • The Chamber is excited about the positive feedback we have been receiving regarding the changes at the Visitor Center from the community and local businesses, strengthening the overall business environment in Sausalito. Watch for announcements about upcoming events, and join us in our ongoing efforts to create a vibrant and thriving business community in Sausalito. For more info or to schedule an appointment, contact us chamber@sausalito.org.

  • We are excited to invite you to join us at the Summer Solstice Mixer at Amour Vert! This event is a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow Chamber members and community members while enjoying a great time. Amour Vert will be showcasing its Summer Catalog of upscale French women’s clothing made with natural and sustainable one of a kind fabrics.

    The event is free for Chamber Members, and non-members can join for a fee of $10. If you are not a member yet, this is the perfect chance to sign up and take advantage of all the benefits. Register>>

  • "Honest Pricing Law” or “Hidden Fees Statute,” SB 478 "Honest Pricing Law” or “Hidden Fees Statute,” SB 478

    Beginning July 1, 2024, the “Honest Pricing Law” or “Hidden Fees Statute,” SB 478, makes it illegal for businesses to advertise or list a price for a good or service that does not include all required fees or charges other than certain government taxes and shipping costs. SB 478 is a price transparency bill. The statute does not change what price a business can charge or what may be included in that cost. The law simply requires that the price listed include all mandatory charges.
    In order to help businesses comply with this new law, and to offer consumers guidance about what they can expect, the Attorney General’s Office is releasing a set of SB 478 FAQs. The law is found at Section 1770(a)(29) of the California Civil Code. Download the FAQ's to make sure your business in in compliance with state law.
  • With over a million visitors every year, arriving by ferryboat or across the Golden Gate Bridge, by bike and by car, Sausalito is a haven for the hospitality industry, catering to the many needs and wants of the visitors from around the world.

  • Visit Sausalito Guide Visit Sausalito Guide

    Sausalito Visitor GuidePrint edition copies of the Sausalito Visitor Guide are available at most airports and Visitor Information Centers and Concierge in Sausalito and San Francisco.

    To receive a printed copy, please contact our office.

    Get great suggestions on all things to do in our beautiful city by the Bay
    Be sure to stop in at our Visitor Center downtown Sausalito!

  • Explore our quaint town—Sausalito! Explore our quaint town—Sausalito!

    Thank you to Visit California for the feature on why everyone should Visit Sausalito! Explore this quaint town that’s just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco


  • Shop Local. Shop Sausalito! We celebrate and promote our local boutiques and restaurants that are as unique as our seaside community. Read More »

  • Sausalito Chamber runs over 30 events and programs each year and coordinates 10 different organizational Committees. Join us a volunteer, help us organize successful and fun events and to keep our Committtess energized and effective. Read More »

  • Sausalito Visitor Center Sausalito Visitor Center

    Sausalito Chamber & Visitor Center is located at 22 El Portal and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike! Shop for unique local items from 25+ artists and businesses. Open Thursday–Monday 11am – 5pm.

    There are many opportunities for Members to sell merchandise at the Visitor Center, contact us at 415-331-7262.

    • VC-gallery-H-IMG_3898-w1920.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
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      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
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      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
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      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-H-IMG_3907-w1920.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3901-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3902-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3905-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3906-w1439.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3910-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3911-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3913-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3915-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
    • VC-gallery-IMG_3916-w1440.jpg
      Sausalito Visitor Center Gallery
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  • Get Listed all over Sausalito! Get Listed all over Sausalito!

    We still have a few locations open, so if you've been wanting to get your business on a sign, NOW is the time to do so. Help visitors and locals find locations like different city services and most importantly they "showcase" some of our best businesses in town!

    Program is open to all businesses in Sausalito. Know a fellow business who wants to sign up but is not a Chamber Member? Direct their Application to: chamber@sausalito.org.