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  • Fix It App for City of Sausalito Fix It App for City of Sausalito

    Sausalito Public Works has launched a new Fix-It App that Sausalito residents and visitors can use to report maintenance problems with City infrastructure like potholes, damaged park facilities, malfunctioning streetlights, trees or branches in the roadway, and clogged sewer drains.

    The free app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Store to your mobile device. Just search for "Sausalito fix it".

    As with the previous reporting system for maintenance requests, you can also submit requests via the Service Requests page on the City website.

    Requests can be made anonymously, or you can create an account through the app or web page and receive notifications about the status of your requests.

    Unlike the old system, the new app allows you to indicate the location of the maintenance problem on a map and include photographs along with your service request. Please note that some Android users are encountering a bug with the photo feature.

    Other features of the new app include the ability to view active requests reported by other users. Any questions about the Fix-It app can be directed to mlockett@sausalito.gov or (415) 289-4106.

    Courtesy: sausalito.gov/currents

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