• About Us

  • The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce has been in operation since 1945. A non-profit business organization with approximately 300 members, the Chamber has been an active force in the community, providing resources, leadership and networking opportunities for members. Our goal is to ensure a healthy economy as well as the character of our community, with respect for our fragile bayside environment and to always promote social equity. All of these factors must be in balance for business to thrive.

  • Our Mission Our Mission

    The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce promotes, represents and supports Sausalito businesses and residents through providing Referrals, Networking, Advertising & Marketing Opportunities.

  • Our Objective Our Objective

    Sausalito Chamber of Commerce objective is to: 

    Create a healthy, vibrant business community and make Sausalito a better place to live, work and play. 

    We do this by connecting Sausalito businesses, residents, community organizations and visitors through the following:

    • Communication
    • Information & Referrals
    • Printed Materials & Resources
    • Community Representation & Advocacy
    • Networking Opportunities & Business Education
  • Communication

    The Sausalito Chamber is the communication link between local businesses, residents, the City of Sausalito, and County of Marin and visitors, through our meetings and events, weekly e-newsletter, two separate websites and social media posts. We pride ourselves on face-to-face interaction.

    Information & Referrals

    The Chamber of Commerce operates with a full time staff of two professionals, and a Board of Directors, comprising of volunteers from the Sausalito business community. We have a team of friendly part-time staff at the Downtown Visitor Kiosk offering professional advice, information and referrals to local residents, businesses, as well as 2 million+ visitors in Sausalito each year. Volunteers staff the Ice House Historical Exhibit.

    Printed Materials & Resources

    The Chamber produces and prints 150,000 Sausalito Visitor Maps annually to promote and educate visitors and residents about the great activities, resources and services that Sausalito has to offer. We provide visitor maps in select hotels and the San Francisco Visitor Centers. We work in conjunction with the City of Sausalito Hospitality Committee to produce valuable marketing materials and bring outside marketing opportunities from local publications.

    Community Representation & Advocacy

    Chamber board members and staff meet regularly with City staff, City Council, and community leaders, bicycle and ferry organizations, to represent the interests and advocate on behalf of our members. 

    Provide Networking Opportunities & Business Education

    The Chamber holds Monthly Business Meetings, Mixers and Business Education programs in Sausalito and also participates in County Wide Mixers and Business Expos, The Marin Economic Forum and locally the Sausalito Business Advisory Committee and Hospitality Business Development Committee.

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  • What Are the Sausalito Chamber’s Core Competencies, Values and Accomplishments?

    Core competency is an organization's defining strength. It provides the foundation from which a business will grow, seize upon new opportunities and deliver value to its customers. A company's core competency is not easily replicated by other organizations.

    Sausalito Chamber Core Competencies:

    • Strengthening the Local Economy  
    • Promoting and Connecting the Community  
    • Representing Business to Government
    • Providing Quality Networking Opportunities  
    • Political Action

    Core values also help organizations determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide.

    Sausalito Chamber Core Values:

    • Our members
    • Honesty, integrity and openness
    • Teamwork
    • Taking action with ethics
    • Being a proactive voice for business
    • Establishing relationships which are important to the Sausalito business community

    We are proud of our many accomplishments, including the establishment and ongoing support of community events and forums that support local business.

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  • Sausalito Chamber Accomplishments:

    We are proud to have been the driving force for the following events, programs and activities:

    • Monthly Business Exchange Forums
    • Monthly Mixers
    • Buy Local Campaign
    • Ambassador Program
    • Annual Sausalito Art Festival
    • Annual Gingerbread Tour
    • Annual Concierge Tour
    • EDAC
    • Business Leadership Breakfasts
    • Chamber Women's Alliance
    • Night Owl's
    • Wayfinding Signage Program
    • Downtown Visitor Wifi
    • Dedicated Visitor Website
    • Sausalito Film Festival
    • Holiday By The Bay
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