• Live, Work & Play – All In Sausalito

  • There are a lot of good reasons to stay in Sausalito and support your local merchants, not the least of which is that they support you. Our local businesses—hotels, restaurants and retail shops as well as professional services generate more than 50% of the City’s operational budget. In other words, a strong, sustainable economy, ensures that the programs and services the city provide including: parks, public safety services, public library and infrastructure repairs such as street and sewer services are maintained regularly.

    If our goal is to not be a big box store community, and we want to maintain the unique character of Sausalito, we need to support our small local businesses, services and boutiques.

  • Caledonia Street 101 CaledoniaShop Caledonia Street!

    In the past few years, this “local” shopping area has experienced a renaissance with new merchants who are redefining the area, mobilizing others and working together.

    They are drawing locals to the street and attracting a new, younger demographic of hip and affluent residents. Local’s including those who work in the Marinship area are drawn to Caledonia Street because of the fine services available.


  • Gallery SausalitoDowntown District

    Downtown has really flourished the last couple of years and continues to offer far more than just the standard tourist fare. Many of our residents have invested locally and opened up shop so there are plenty of fresh options for locals too.

    One of our most diverse sections of downtown is our historic section located on Princess Street and Princess Court. Beautiful, unique and specialized shops and galleries round out our beautiful downtown shopping district.

  • Sausalito Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) Sausalito Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

    Sausalito Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

    Stay involved and informed, meeting minutes from the City’s Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) on which Chamber, business and community representatives serve. The EDAC is tasked with ensuring a sustainable economic future in Sausalito; meetings held the first Monday of the month and are open to the public.

    To become involved and better informed on upcoming agendas, etc. click here

    The Role of the Economic Development Advisory Committee

    • Identify actions to promote the economic health of the business community while preserving our unique characteristics as a welcoming waterfront community
    • Promote the hospitality and tourism industry in Sausalito while fostering businesses that serve and enjoy the loyalty of our local and regional community
    • Identify programs, policies, and activities that can help the business community recover from the economic recession catalyzed by the COVID-19 shelter-in­-place (and future economic recessions)
    • Pursue new and diversified businesses leveraging our maritime and industrial expertise, including the use of an innovation zone, to address climate change challenges such as sea level rise
    • Perform other duties as requested by the City Council or as considered advisable by the Committee and approved by the City Council.
    • More information on EDAC
    • Agendas & Recordings
    • Committee Member Roster
  • The Marin Economic Forum The Marin Economic Forum

    The Marin Economic forum enables Marin’s economic stakeholders* to collaborate on improving the County’s economic vitality, focusing on Marin’s targeted industries** while enhancing social equity and protecting the environment.
    The Marin Economic Forum is:
    • Connecting Businesses to partners and solutions
    • Educating on the importance of business for Marin County’s future
    • Providing data and information to help businesses and local governments
    • Supporting economic development efforts for sustainable growth of local businesses
    The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce is represented by Jeff Scharosch of The Spinnaker Restaurant.
  •  Marin SBDC Northern California Region Marin SBDC Northern California Region

    Last year, Marin County SBDC helped more than 1,364 clients navigate through a pandemic and access $30 million in capital to start or grow their business and create a meaningful impact on our local community – the likes of 512 new jobs.

    Whether it’s access to capital, human resources, compliance, marketing, accounting, or any other business need — SBDC is your one-stop-shop for accelerating small business success.

    More information and resources