• It's Official — We've Moved! It's Official — We've Moved!

    The Sausalito Chamber has moved its office to the heart of Sausalito—now located at 22 El Portal! Our new location is currently open Wednesday and Thursday 10am–5pm, Friday thru Sunday, 10am-6pm. Drop in and shop!

    Our Visitor Center & Retail Store is filling up with unique merchandise from our Sausalito businesses. Sausalito Chamber businesses are welcome to check out the marketing & selling opportunities we have available.

    We are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of our new location and can't wait to open our doors so everyone can enjoy the new space!

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  • Advertising Opportunities Advertising Opportunities

    The New Sausalito Chamber location has an advertising opportunity for members. Our new brochure case was delivered on Friday and we are ready to help get the word out about your business.

    We have 30 spaces available for advertising at $650 per year. Brochure size must be 4” wide & 9” tall. Spaces will be filled on a first-serve basis. Contact the chamber.

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