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  • Parks and Beaches Reopen Parks and Beaches Reopen

    Access to Regional Parks and Beaches

    To help county residents find out which parks, beaches, and open spaces are currently open and in what capacity, Marin County Parks has created an online guide with listings for Central, North, South, and West Marin. One Tam is also maintaining a color-coded rollover map showing the current status of public parks and open spaces in Marin.

    Map of Parks and Open Spaces in Marin

    Dog Park Now Open

    Thanks to the June 5 update to the public health order to shelter in place, the Remington Dog Park at MLK Park has reopened. Per public health guidelines, dog parks remain subject to compliance with social distancing requirements and the public health order on face coverings. Individuals accessing dog parks must also limit their interactions with dogs outside of their own household, and should be aware that water fountains, benches, and other high-touch areas within dog parks remain off limits.

    Parks and Recreation

    Resurfacing and striping has been completed at the pickleball courts at MLK Park, and the pristine new courts have been open to the public since Monday, June 8. When using the courts, please abide by public health guidelines for safe play during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Location of Pickleball Courts

  • Visit Responsibly Visit Responsibly

    Wear a Mask in SausalitoPlan to visit responsibly by observing the following tips:

    • Stay at home as much as possible during the Shelter in Place, especially if someone in your household is sick. Minimizing social interaction will flatten the Coronavirus infection curve.
    • Do not visit parks that have been closed by local authorities like the public health department or land management agencies.
    • Stay 6 feet away from people you do not live with and avoid narrow trails where distancing may prove difficult. If you cannot maintain 6 feet of distance, do not enter the space.
    • Consider visiting in off times to minimize the risk of trailhead crowding. 
    • As long as the shelter in place is in effect, do not hold social gatherings, celebrations, or group meetings in parks, preserves, or elsewhere.
    • Many parking areas are closed. Please follow guidance on county websites before visiting.
    • Consider wearing a face covering while enjoying park spaces, particularly in parking areas and on the crowded first half-mile of trails. 
    • Restrooms and facilities are closed at many locations. Plan ahead before leaving home.
    • Give others the opportunity to have a safe experience by limiting the length of your stay.
    • Avoid parking in crowded neighborhoods and walk into parkland from a considerate distance when possible. 
    • Leave no trace: carry out what you carry in, especially because garbage collection is limited at this time.
    • Look for nearby nature to enjoy: your own neighborhood has hidden nature.
    • Visit nature virtually and take advantage of online resources to stay connected to our parklands.