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    Stay up to date with new laws and information that will keep your business current and compliant. For more information about laws and regulations please feel free to reach out the Chamber at chamber@sausalito.org or call 415-331-7262.

  • 2024 Labor Law Update: "Employment Law Issues and Solutions" 2024 Labor Law Update: "Employment Law Issues and Solutions"

    The Marin Employer Advisory Council in Partnership with the Employment Development Department Present:
    2024 Labor Law Update: "Employment Law Issues and Solutions", Thursday, January 25

    Join William Betley, partner with Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo to discuss important topics that often find employers on the wrong side of the tracks. The session will discuss up-to-the-minute regulatory, legislative, and legal issues facing HR professionals today and provide a preview of what to expect in 2024.

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  • Employees working in the fast-food and healthcare sectors are set to receive wage increases this year thanks to state laws signed by Governor Newsom last year. Employees of fast-food chains with more than 60 outlets nationwide (e.g., Chipotle, Subway) will receive $20/hr. beginning on April 1. In June, health care workers will earn a minimum of $18, $21 or $23 an hour, depending on what type of facility employs them, with a path towards $25/hr. in 2027.

    MEF’s latest numbers for employees show that hiring in these two sectors (fast-food jobs are part of “Leisure and Hospitality”) has been occurring at a faster rate than any other sector in Marin. We will have to see if the wage increases either slow hiring or help employers secure the talent they have been missing with the incentive of higher wages.

    Source: Marin Economic Forum

  • California’s wineries and distilleries now have to ante up for bottle recycling Glass wine and spirit bottles as well as juice containers as of Jan. 1, 2024, are included in California’s struggling Beverage Container Recycling Program. Here’s what that means for wineries, distilleries and juice makers — and how consumers can cash in.

    Source: North Bay Business Journal

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