The Floating Homes AssociationSausalito Floating Homes

The Floating Homes Association, Inc. was formed in early 1985 as a civic organization to improve public understanding of the floating homes community of Richardson Bay; to represent the residents in addressing legal, and governmental concerns; and to help coordinate community affairs.

The FHA is a volunteer group that represents the interests of the residents of the 400+ homes in five floating home marinas on Richardson Bay. The FHA strives to present a unified voice for floating homes residents to regulators, legislators, landlords and other entities, on matters that affect all residents universally, such as health and safety issues. The FHA is non-partisan and run by a volunteer board.

What is a Floating Home?

A “Floating Home” is a legally permitted structure, with no means of self-propulsion, which occupies a permanent berth and is subject to property taxes. It complies with all applicable codes and is connected to all utilities and services, including water, sewage, electricity, gas, telephone, and cable. Floating home marinas are privately owned and charge homeowners monthly slip fees. Our communities evolved from the free-spirited artists, shipbuilders and writers who lived aboard the arks and the various types of boats which were informally anchored in San Francisco Bay beginning in the 1800s. By contrast, today’s floating home communities are structured and highly regulated although they still attract creative and bohemian residents.