• Gingerbread House Tour 2022

  • Houses will be on Display December 1—31

    Watch for the 2022 Map Soon!

  • Gingerbread House Tour & Competition 2022
  • Our 16th Year will be more special than ever before! Our 16th Year will be more special than ever before!

    This year the Chamber has created a QR code that will take voters directly to our website to vote for their favorite Gingerbread House. This year we are building a Social Media platform on not only Facebook but Instagram, YouTube & Tic Tok to drive people to your location.

    There are 3 spaces available in the Sausalito Visitor Center on a first-entry fee-paid basis. You will need to stop by the Visitor Center to select your location, so you know what size your Gingerbread House should be.  In order to make the event a success we must have at least 10—15 participants signed up by the deadline, November 20th.
    This is a wonderful way to bring our local community members and holiday enthusiasts from all over to enjoy a day in Sausalito, while they shop, eat, and think back to their childhood while looking at magical Gingerbread Houses with their families.  Please indicate on your application if the artist creating your Gingerbread House is a *professional or amateur baker and the category you are entering. 
    This year we do have some kits available at the Visitor Center for purchase if you want to participate but baking is not your strong suit. The kits are on a first come basis and only 4 available.
    Let's Make this a Magical Season!

  • 2022 Sponsors

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  • 2017-Gingees at SeaTrek
  • Here are some ideas on How You can Join in on the FUN!

    • Participate in the 16th Annual Sausalito Gingerbread House Competition & Tour
    • Feature a gingerbread "photo wall" that can be shared on social media (don't forget to use our hashtags! #sausalitogingerbreadhouses   #sausalitochamber   #visitsausalito)
    • Decorate your business in a gingerbread theme!
    • Restaurants and cafes feature seasonal gingerbread flavored items: desserts, pastries, ice cream, cocktails, eggnogg, coffee, hot chocolate, truffles, pancakes, waffles throughout the holiday.

  • Previous Entries

    • Sausalito-Equator-21.jpg
      First Place - Sausalito Equator Coffee
    • LOVEMARIN-21.jpg
      Second Place - LOVEMARIN
    • Sausalito-Optometry-21.jpg
      First Place - Sausalito Optometry
    • The-Inn-Above-Tide-21.jpg
      Second Place - The Inn Above Tide
    • Adele-Gilani-Gallery-21.jpg
      Third Place - Adele Gilani Gallery
    • Soxalito-21.jpg
      First Place - Soxalito
    • Cavallo-Point-21.jpg
      Second Place - Cavallo Point
    • Angelino-21.jpg
      Third Place - Angelino
  • 2021 Winners

    Photos by Mike Lewis Photography

  • 2021 Tour Winners 

    People's Choice Award Winner

    The Inn Above Tide

    First Place – Children's Category 

    Sausalito Equator Coffee  

    Second Place Children's Category 


    First Place – Amateur Baker 

    Sausalito Optometry  

    Second Place – Amateur Baker 

    The Inn Above Tide  

    Third Place - Amateur Baker 

    Adele Gilani Gallery  

    First Place – Professional Baker 


    Second Place – Professional Baker 

    Cavallo Point  

    Third Place – Professional Baker 


  • Sausalito Gingerbread House Tour Flyer 2019
  • * Questions? Contact us! *

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