• We are thrilled to announce that Dynamic Energy Crystals on Princess Street has won the People's Choice Award for the 2023 Gingerbread House Tour & Competition! Their beautiful creation delighted visitors throughout the month of December.
    The credit for this masterpiece goes to Kyndal Stevens, an employee at Dynamic Energy Crystals, who found time to dream up the entire Gingerbread Village even while studying for her finals. The village was completely edible, with an amethyst-style pathway an enormous geode made from sugar, chocolates, licorice, and fondant and marshmallow sculptured goodies. The coffee bean Christmas tree representing their family coffee farm was also edible and added to the charm of the entire village.
    ´╗┐This was Dynamic Energy Crystals' first time participating in the competition, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next year.
    Congratulations to the team at Dynamic Energy Crystals for their well-deserved win!
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  • 2023 Photos

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      Amour Vert
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      Gallery Sausalito
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      Pegasus leather
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      Sausalito Jewelers
    • 18-GBHT-ML-Photos-2317.jpg
      Sausalito Optometry
    • 19-GBHT-ML-Photos-2322.jpg
      Sausalito Pottery
    • 2-GBHT-ML-Photos-237.jpg
      Angelino Restaurant
    • 21-GBHT-ML-Photos-2312.jpg
      Seaplane Adventures
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    • 23-GBHT-ML-Photos-2319.jpg
      Sushi Ran
    • 24-GBHT-ML-Photos-2315.jpg
      The Inn Above Tide
    • 25-GBHT-ML-Photos-2316.jpg
      The Spinnaker
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      Tivoli Decor
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      Waterfront Wonders
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      Barrel House Tavern
    • 4-GBHT-ML-Photos-2313.jpg
      Bay CIties Refuse
    • 5-GBHT-ML-Photos-2320.jpg
      Best Friends Pet Suplies
    • 6-GBHT-ML-Photos-232.jpg
      Cavallo Point Lodge
    • 8-GBHT-ML-Photos-23.jpg
      Dynamic Energy Crystals
    • 9-GBHT-ML-Photos-2318.jpg
      Equator Coffees
  • 2023 Tour Winners 2023 Tour Winners

    People's Choice Award:
    Dynamic Energy Crystals

    Judges Choice:

    Cultural Celebration

    1st Place
    Sausalito Optometry

    2nd Place
    Bay Cities Refuse

    3rd Place
    Dynamic Energy Crystals

    Storybook Tales

    1st Place

    2nd Place
    Hubba Hubba

    3rd Place
    Easy Tiger Green Boutique Salon

    Sea Life Adventure

    1st Place
    Amour Vert

    2nd Place
    Love Marin

    3rd Place
    The Spinnaker

    Salty Sausalito

    1st Place
    Waterfront Wonders

    2nd Place
    Gallery Sausalito

    3rd Place
    Best Friends Pet Supplies

    Holiday Magic*

    1st Place
    Cavallo Point Lodge

    2nd Place
    Inn Above Tide

    3rd Place
    Angelino Restaurant

  • Participants will compete for the coveted bragging rights for all of 2024!

  • Some Previous Entries

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    • GBHT-1.jpg
    • GBHT-10-w1000.jpg
    • GBHT-11-w1102.jpg
    • GBHT-12.jpg
    • GBHT-13.jpg
    • GBHT-14-w1013.jpg
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    • GBHT-7.jpg
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    • Cavallo-2-2020.jpg
      Cavallo Point Lodge, People's Choice Award & 1st Place Winner
    • Sausalito-Opt-1-2020.jpg
      Sausalito Optometry, 2nd Place
    • Love-Marin-1-2020.jpg
      Love Marin, 3rd Place
    • Baysic-2020.jpg
      Baysic (Jewelry by the Bay), Grand Prize
    • The-Art-of-Detail-2020.jpg
      The Art of Detail, Best Sausalito Theme
    • The-Inn-Above-Tide-2020.jpg
      The Inn Above Tide, The Most Whimsical
  • 2017-Gingees at SeaTrek
  • Questions? Contact us!

  • Sausalito’s 12th Annual Gingerbread House Tour

    Susan Sternau December 18, 2018


    2018 Winners

    Best Sausalito Theme:
    The Gables Inn Sausalito
    Best Business Related Theme:
    Book Passage By-the-Bay
    Most Creative:
    Sausalito Optometry
    Shining Star Kid Baker:
    Zoe Collins


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  • The Marin IJ Feature: Holiday Magic The Marin IJ Feature: Holiday Magic

    The article, written by PJ Bremier, highlights the 28 houses on display, each one too sweet to taste! We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our wonderful participants who have made this year's tour a huge success. Don't forget, the tour will continue until December 31, so be sure to cast your vote for the People's Choice Award. Thank you to the Marin IJ for helping us share the magic of the holiday season with the community. Read the article>>

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    Holiday Escape to Sausalito—Feel like you’re far away in nearby waterside town

    Craving an escape from the holiday hoopla — the hustle, the bustle, the endless to-do lists? Just over the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito may just be the most charming village on San Francisco Bay, and the perfect destination for a holiday day trip, winter weekend jaunt or destination for out-of-town guests. Continue reading>>