• I Love Sausalito

  • We think Sausalito is pretty darn 'loveable'!

    I Love SausalitoI Love Sausalito

    Tell us or send us a photo about what makes this town so lovable and we will feature it on our home page, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.

    Then we can share what 'you' think makes this town loveable!


  • These are some of the comments we've received ...

    I love Sausalito because ...

  • … of the beautiful waterfront boardwalk that I get to walk along every morning!

    … it’s heaven on Earth

    … the view from my window is different every day

    … I smile every day when I hear people say to me, “you are so lucky to live here!  It’s so beautiful!”

    … it looks so unbelievably beautiful from the sky above

    … it’s a great place to have and make new friends

    ... I can get on the water so easily!

    … at sunset the glow of sunrays on the water on one side and the waterfall of fog over the hill on another side

    … I have met so many wonderful people

    … it’s so easy to become part of this great community

    … the Sausalito Film Series, the character of this town and the people

    … I love the small town life

    … the beautiful waterfront buzzing with a vibrant, diverse culture

    … it’s a place that makes me feel like I’m home

    …of the Bay views and old European feel when you drive into Sausalito

    … the view of San Francisco


    Tell us WHY YOU love Sausalito!

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