• October 30 Film Series Event

    The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce is proud to be

    associated with and a sponsor of the Sausalito Film Series.

    Get your Tickets to the Upcoming Screening here and help End Hunger in Marin


    CHICAGO GIRL flyer


    About ExtraFood.org: County-Wide Food Recovery in Marin

    • ExtraFood picks up excess fresh food from any Marin business or organization – such as grocery stores, farmers’ markets, restaurants and schools – and immediately delivers it to nonprofits serving Marin’s most vulnerable people.

    • Partnering with the nonprofit food programs they serve, ExtraFood locates, recovers and delivers food donations that match each programs’ needs, including fresh produce, prepared food, dairy, eggs, meat, packaged goods and baked goods.

    • ExtraFood focuses in the areas of greatest need, including southern Novato, central San Rafael, and the food deserts of the Canal, Marin City and West Marin where residents lack sufficient access to healthy, fresh, affordable food.

    • ExtraFood helps its partners serve more people, provide more complete and healthy meals, reduce food budgets and redirect food program funds to other, critically needed services.

    • In 2.5+ years, ExtraFood has recovered and delivered 700,000+ pounds of food from 150+ donors to 74 sites across Marin. ExtraFood delivers food for 5,000+ people each month.