There are a lot of good reasons to stay in Sausalito and support your local merchants, not the least of which is that they support you. For every $100 spent locally, $68 goes back to the community. Our local businesses – hotels, restaurants and retail shops as well as professional services generate more than 50% of the City’s operational budget. In other words, a strong, sustainable economy, ensures that the programs and services the city provide including: parks, public safety services, public library and infrastructure repairs such as street and sewer services are maintained regularly. If our goal is to not be a big box store community, and we want to maintain the unique character of Sausalito, we need to support our small local businesses, services and boutiques.


    Waterstreet Hardware ran a great buy local campaign. Have you gone in and had your photo taken?! Better yet, what are you doing to keep your business dollars local?


    Strong Local Business Economy Benefits the Community



    Did you know?

    • There are 30+ fine dining establishments with in walking distance from the center of town
    • There are 9 coffee shops and cafes to choose from – all loaded with character and characters (as well as espresso!)
    • There are over 50 small, independently-owned shops and galleries offering personalized service
    • There are 3 fine wine shops and tasting rooms, as well as 4 great gourmet deli’s
    • Every resident gets three FREE hours of parking every day in the downtown lots (you can pick up a parking card at the police station)


    Have you been to Caledonia Street recently?


    In the past few years, this “local” shopping area has experienced a renaissance with new merchants who are redefining the area, mobilizing others and working together. They are drawing locals to the street and attracting a new, younger demographic of hip and affluent residents. Local’s including those who work in the Marinship area are even  being drawn to Caledonia Street because of the fine services available.

    Trending on Caledonia


    • Sausalito Stationery has opened up on Caledonia Street providing Sausalito with gifts, cards and stationery needs of all kinds
    • gr.dano is an atelier and studio where the owners Jill and Brian Giordano design and manufacture their clothes
    • Driver’s Market is a small, family-run market offering organic produce, natural foods, a fine selection of wines and a fabulous deli
    • Katya Glass Jewelry (a local favorite) and the Sarah Swell jewelry store (beside the shoe repair store); Sarah is a young artist who designs and makes her own silver and gold fine jewelry in a studio at the back of her store
    • Sandrino joins the venerable F3–Fast Food Françias, Sushi Ran, Osteria Divino and Smitty’s Bar making Caledonia a robust and multi-faceted restaurant and bar destination. Sandrino has delicious pizza and Italian food and desserts!
    • For the home: Pine Street Natural Interiors features non-toxic furniture, organic bedding and custom window coverings; Sausalito Picture Framing has cornered the local market for quality picture framing and Waterstreet Hardware & Marine is a veritable hardware emporium with everything from screwdrivers and paint to coffee pots and foul weather gear


    Check out our Downtown!

    Downtown has really flourished the last couple of years and continues to offer far more than just the standard tourist fare. Many of our residents have invested locally and opened up shop so there are plenty of fresh options for locals too.
    Check out these great spots:



    Keeping Sausalito's Business Economy Strong

    Wine and Chocolate


    To learn more about what your Chamber does to support economic development, access a copy of the “Economic & Community Development Report” prepared by the Marin Economic Forum report from the City or Chamber websites.  You may also access the “Business Start-Up Guide” on either website, as well as information and meeting minutes from the City’s Business Advisory Committee (BAC) on which Chamber, business and community representatives serve. The BAC is tasked with ensuring a sustainable economic future in Sausalito; meetings are usually held the third Thursday of every month and are open to the public.