• Ahoy Maties!


    Our Sausalito waterfront businesses know the importance of a good “crew” working in harmony to achieve a collective goal, and we wanted to share some great examples of these positive collaborations. 

    The Bay Model Visitor Center is bringing together several organizations whose mission and purpose complement one another. The Bay Model which has been around over 50 years and been teaching the importance of San Francisco Bay to groups of adults and school children for a long time works along with Call of the Sea's vessel Seaward. The Seaward takes school children out on the Bay so the kids can see firsthand what they were just learning inside the Bay Model.  

    The Educational Tall Ship has been making great progress building the Matthew Turner right here in the Marinship. When the ship is completed it will also join the educational fleet at the Bay Model.  

    Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking Center has recently moved from Schoonmaker Beach to a new location next to the Bay Model. Sea Trek is a welcome addition to this waterfront area as they get locals onto the Bay via paddleboard or kayak, which is in keeping with the mission of its neighbors.

    All of these organizations are also partners with the Aquarium of the Bay on Pier 39 in San Francisco. By working together they hope to develop ongoing stewardship of the Bay and a deeper appreciation for this precious natural resource.

    Another relatively new addition to the Sausalito waterfront “crew”, is Tideline Water Taxi, a community-based marine group focused on safety, service and sustainability.

    Tideline Water Taxi is the first Bay Area On-Demand, all-weather taxi service featuring a smaller vessel (up to 6 passengers) or a larger vessel (up to 40 passengers) at a time. Service currently operates along the San Francisco waterfront, lower Marin County, and the East Bay. Tideline has a strong focus on protecting the waterfront and showcasing the diversity found in every corner of Sausalito. They encourage local businesses, friends and neighbors to participate in promoting local businesses by drawing attention to the creative maritime businesses found throughout Sausalito, as well as educating the public about this truly dynamic region with a desire to ensure its ongoing sustainability.