• Sausalito's Blaustein to swim English Channel for friend

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    June 21, 2018

    Sports briefs: Sausalito’s Blaustein to swim English Channel for friend

    At some point in the next nine days, Sausalito’s Melissa Blaustein will attempt to traverse the English Channel, the latest in a growing list of marathon swims the 30-year-old is doing for charity.

    Blaustein, a Mill Valley native, will attempt the swim — which is at least 21 miles — some night between June 20 and June 28, a window where the conditions are most ideal for the rarely accomplished feat.

    “You just have to hope and leave it to the ocean, but have to accept the conditions as they are, respect the ocean as the power that it is,” Blaustein said last week. “I’ve swam late in the night, with big waves, with good conditions...I did everything I could to prepare for whatever circumstances I might face; but I’m hoping for great conditions.

    “It’s like you’re having a party outside and hoping for the best,” she continued. “You might have to bring out the tent if it rains because everyone already RSVP’d.”

    Like her previous marathon swims — including last fall’s Strait of Juan de Fuca swim — there is a fundraising aspect involved. Helped into the sport by Kim Chambers, Blaustein will swim the English Channel to raise funds for Chambers, who was recently diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a neurological illness that can leave one paralyzed. Blaustein and Chambers trained with Night Train Swimmers, a Bay Area marathon swimming that boast numerous swimmers who have conquered all seven oceans, including Chambers herself.

    Donations for the Night Train Swimmers’ fundraiser, “Swim for Kim,” can be made at nighttrainswimmers.org/news/

    Stay tuned to a future edition of the Independent Journal for a recap of the English Channel swim and a more in-depth dive into Blaustein and Chambers’ stories.