• Paddle Place

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    October 23, 2017
    Paddle Place by Bob Cooper * Photos by Steve Kepple
    Father-and-son team Bob and Galen Licht of Sausalito’s Sea Trek.

    MILL VALLEY RESIDENT Bob Licht had already spent a decade leading whitewater trips all over the state when he decided to stick closer to home by opening California’s first commercial sea kayaking operation in Sausalito in 1982. "I knew that Richardson Bay had abundant wildlife, great views and dynamic conditions for paddling, from mild to wild," he recalls. "So I figured that since I loved paddling there so much, others would too." Not coincidentally, 35 years since Licht launched Sea Trek (he handed over the keys to son Galen in 2014), it seems there’s a kayak in every Marin garage, even if it shares cobwebs most of the time with that other iconic Marin sports-gear item, the mountain bike. In reality, the existence of Sea Trek and Marin’s two other paddling enterprises in San Rafael and Inverness make ownership unnecessary. Beginners and frequent kayakers alike can rent to their heart’s content at those spots, while paddling in three distinct bodies of water. Read more ....