• Visitor Kiosk Ambassador

    Sausalito Chamber of Commerce
    Job Description
    Part-time temporary August - October
    Wages: $15
    REPORTS TO: Juli Vieira, CEO and President of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce
    Email Resume to: Juli@sausalito.org

    The Visitor Kiosk is located near the ferry landing at El Portal & Tracey Way in downtown Sausalito. The ferry landing is the arrival point for Golden Gate and Blue & Gold ferries. It is also the main area for bicycle parking and vehicles. This is an extremely busy area with hundreds of visitors, bikes, cars as well as local residents moving around at any one time. It is particularly busy at weekends and when ferries are arriving or leaving Sausalito.
    The Ambassador is the face of Sausalito and is often the first person that visitors meet when they get off the ferry, their bikes or out of their cars. Therefore it is important that the Ambassador is always the friendly face welcoming visitors and helping them to enjoy their stay in Sausalito.  We want to make sure their visit is pleasant and a memorable one and hopefully they will return and/or refer other people to visit Sausalito.
     Undergo Kiosk training with Chamber staff prior to staffing the Kiosk.
    1. Greet and Welcome all visitors with a smile!
    2. Give clear concise directions to points of interest (Muir Woods, Marin Headlands, Bay Model, etc) and public services (restrooms, car parks, bike parking, police, fire station, etc)
    3. General tourist information and advice. Typical question tends to be “What is there to do in Sausalito?”
    4. Distribute the Sausalito Visitor Map and 2 Hour 2 Day Guide and answer any questions related to these brochures.
    5. Transportation options - answer questions regarding timing, tickets for different methods of transportation such as ferries, bikes, buses and taxis)
    6. Give informed unbiased Referrals – e.g. When asked “where should I eat” the answer should be “We have over 30 great restaurants in Sausalito so it depends what you are looking for – casual or formal, indoor or outdoor, burgers or seafood? Try to avoid saying away from statements like “My favorite restaurant is…” or “I have never eaten there…” or “that store is expensive”.
    1. Be Friendly and Welcoming and Remember to Smile!
    2. Be Professional – you represent the Chamber of Commerce and the local businesses who are Chamber members.
    3. Be Patient even when you hear the same question many times a day. .  Also remember many of the visitors are from other countries and may not speak English very well.  Try to do the best you can in helping them with their questions.
    4. Be Presentable and wear neat clothing
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