2013 Large Business of the Year Award Winner:

Jewelry by the Bay


jewelry by the bayAfter 30 years owning and running businesses in Sausalito, Aness Pogni deserves recognition for longevity and commitment to the town. Aness now runs 2 retail stores in Sausalito (Jewelry by the Bay and Soxalito) and businesses are successful and popular with both tourists and local residents. Aness employs mainly local staff and keeps them highly motivated and well trained, leading by example with her strong work ethic and enthusiasm.

For many years, Jewelry by the Bay has made contributions to the Chamber and the community. They have participated in the Sausalito Gingerbread House Tour for the past 7 years, have hosted regular customer appreciation parties and Chamber Mixers and made generous donations to many non-profit organizations in Sausalito.

The other top 2 nominations for the 2013 Large Business of the Year Award were Casa Madrona and Cavallo Point.

2013 Small Business of the Year Award Winner:
SF Bay Adventures


SF Bay AdventuresOwners, Marina O’Neill and Paul Dines, run a highly professional boat charter business with a friendly, well trained and efficient crew and get regular rave reviews from their clients. They are tireless advocates and champions of the Sausalito history and maritime industry. SF Bay Adventures had an active involvement and was one of the authorized boats in the 2013 Americas Cup AC34 Races.

SF Bay Adventures is an exemplary community supporter and uses local Sausalito businesses for all their catering and services-Seafood Peddler, Taste of Rome, Davy Jones, Ship’s Store & local boat maintenance providers. They have participated in the Sausalito Lighted Boat Parade for many years and have generously donated time and services to many of the local nonprofits and schools.

The other top nomination for the 2013 Small Business of the Year Award was: Core Pilates

2013 New Business of the Year Award Winner:
Shoe Stories of Sausalito

shoe storiesA longtime Sausalito entrepreneur, Wayne Kaleck is a personal shopper, philanthropist and managing partner of the high-end Gene Hiller menswear shop on Bridgeway. In 2013 Wayne opened Shoe Stories of Sausalito, a luxury ladies shoe boutique. The new store has already attracted a loyal clientele and received positive media coverage on Channel 7 news, SF Chronicle Style section and YouTube. Wayne is seen as the town “Cheerleader” and is an active promoter and advocate for Sausalito. He promotes other Sausalito business and brings his customers to lunch/dinner at the restaurants, refers them to other stores and arranges overnight stays in hotels. Wayne is also a tireless volunteer and serving as Chair of the SAF Gala the last two years, and regularly contributes his time and resources to major community events in town.

The other top 2 nominations for the 2012 New Business of the Year Award were: Ship’s Store and Soxalito.

Chamber Champion & Volunteer of the Year Award Winner:
Cathy Stierhoff


Cathy StierhoffCathy has volunteered much of her time and expertise to the Chamber for many years. Since retiring from her accounting business 2 years ago, Cathy has become the Chamber’s #1 Volunteer, helping with bookkeeping, budgeting and database administration.

She has also been Co-Chair of the Chamber’s SAF Food Booth for the past four years, and has helped to recruit hundreds of volunteers to work in the Chamber Food Booth. She has been a facilitator of several Board retreats and served as Chair of our Nominations Committee this year, helping recruit excellent new Chamber Board members.

Cathy is intelligent, consistently patient and generous with her time and expertise. She contributes a great deal to the Sausalito Chamber and the community but does not expect accolades in return. For all these reasons, she thoroughly deserves the award for 2013 Chamber Champion and Volunteer of the Year!

2013 Spirit of Marin Award:
Tom Campagna


Tom CampagnaTom has been active in the Sausalito, Marin County community as a business and civic leader for over 20 years. A well-known real estate broker, he owns and operates a successful real estate firm, On Site Relocation which is based in Sausalito. Known for his Italian heritage, integrity and tireless focus, he has been responsible for thousands of residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout his 40-year career.

A past president of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce, where he also served on the Board of Directors for many years, Tom chaired the Business Exchange Forum, Nominating Committee and Financial Advisory Council.

Although Tom has now moved and is living in Palm Desert, he continues to give generously of his time and talent and is best known for his legendary line:
“Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.”